Bridal Makeup: Tips For Looking Perfect On Your Big Day

I know every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day, so I’ve put together some simple tips to help you achieve your best look in the lead up to your wedding day.

Organise a makeup trial before your wedding day

Once you’ve found a hair and makeup artist whose work you adore, set a time to meet up and discuss the style and look you’d like for your wedding day. From there, book a trial run and if you can, schedule this on the day of your engagement session. A hot tip is to wear a t-shirt or top that’s a similar colour to your wedding dress. This will allow you to see what your makeup will look like on your big day.

Start a good skincare routine

Get into the habit of a regular skincare routine. Make sure you get plenty of water every day and if you can afford it, book yourself regular facials. I also never leave the house without wearing SPF (the Australian sun scares me!) A great skincare routine will really help you achieve a flawless complexion on your wedding day (and will make for amazing photos)!

Take your makeup with you on the day

Ask your makeup artist if she can include a spare lipstick and blotting papers for you to keep with you on the day. A compact with a mirror is also very handy for any touch-ups you may need.

Allow for plenty of time on the day

Always allow for extra time on your wedding day. Interruptions can happen on a wedding day and it can be hard to sometimes gauge how much time is needed, so definitely be cautious and allow for more time. You won’t regret it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Please leave me a comment if you have more!

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