How do I choose my Brisbane wedding photographer?

How do I choose my Brisbane wedding photographer? 

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS! 

This is where the fun begins, but I know it’s a bit terrifying too. 

You’re tasked with planning your big day, and one of those is looking for an amazing wedding photographer.

So, how do you go about choosing one? 

I try to imagine myself as my future client and consider what I would want in a potential wedding photographer. 

Here are some of my tips on choosing the best photographer for you! (P.S. I always tell my clients these things when meeting them for the first time.)

LOVE their work!

When you hire a wedding photographer, you trust them to capture your most precious memories with their specific vision. Every wedding photographer has their style, and how they capture people and events is different. 

I think any bride and groom would know instantly when they connect and resonate with a photographer’s work. 

Whether that be their editing style, how they use light, their depth of field in photos, their skill at capturing emotions, etc., you’ll know when you spot someone’s style you love.

Nearly every bride and groom can consistently articulate what they love about my photography. I appreciate that every time because I have a particular vision of how I want my wedding photos to look. My advice is don’t settle for anything less than what you love.


I think this one goes without saying. Ask your friends who they used and what they loved about their wedding photographer. Your friends will also give it to you straight too. They won’t be shy in telling you what they loved and also didn’t love.

If you don’t have anyone to ask, that leads me to my next tip – reviews!


Jump on FacebookInstagram, and Google to check out their reviews. 

Do they have any? Are they positive and recent? 

I always read reviews before I book a service with a new company. 

I will also check out any negative reviews and take an empathetic and logical approach if they have one or two. 

In my opinion, it’s how the company responds to a negative review that counts. If they’re fair and equitable and have responded kindly with a suggestion to rectify the issue, that counts as a positive tick in my book. 

Take the time to read through them; I believe reviews give a perfect sense of how a company thrives.

LOVE their personality!

We live in an amazing, diverse world, and everyone has unique opinions; it would be silly to think everyone loves everyone. 

Let’s face it—that doesn’t happen on planet Earth. What’s important here is finding someone with whom you naturally click and can communicate your wants and needs.

Does your photographer listen to you? 

Are they comfortable with lots of people? (I think this is important for wedding photography). 

Can your photographer stay calm under pressure? 

Can they also create under pressure and adapt to any situation? (Think of a sudden thunderstorm.) 

And can they get down and boogie on the dance floor with your guests? 

OK, that’s not quite as important, but you get the drift. 

This is the person you’ll spend your big day with, and there will be loads of communication before and after your wedding day. Find someone you adore!

Money, money, money!

When I think of how I want to present to future clients, I think of it in a triangle. That is:

My work > my personality > their budget

Do I fit these three basic wants and needs? 

Can I show them what a kick-ass wedding photographer I am and then build on these three basics? 

How do I stand out from the crowd and make them want to book with me? 

Well, I keep these three things in mind.

I’d advise future brides and grooms not to skimp on what you want in your wedding photography. 

I can guarantee that you will not miss or think about your wedding photography investment 50 years from now when you look back at your beautiful wedding photos. 

I’ve been moved to tears many times when viewing professional wedding images from family and friends decades ago. 

I see unforgettable memories from a professional photographer’s vision and heart.

I understand that some couples find it crucial to stick to a budget. 

So, my tip would be to keep those three basics in mind. 

Do you love their work? 

Do you like them as a person? 

Do they fit your budget? 

Tick, tick, tick. Narrow it down from there, and I think you’re well on your way to picking your dream wedding photographer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips about ‘How do I choose my Brisbane wedding photographer?’

Good luck!

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